Building Regulations

Technical Design

This is where we connect your design aspiration, construction innovations and processes with our material and commercial awareness.

All aspects of the technical elements of the project are intertwined within the building designs and construction documents, producing a seamless transition through to the construction phase.

A key part of the development of technical designs is liaising with and working with the client’s other consultants such as engineers. Together this team of designers will produce a fully considered technical design, ready for construction.

Our output will include:

Site drawings showing layouts and levels including sections where needed etc.

General Arrangement (GA) Plans Sections and Elevations showing the construction and specification of all architectural elements. These GA’s will have been co-ordinated with designs from other members of the Design Team to ensure that all items will fit into the building properly.

Detailed drawings to show how connections are to be formed. These are key detailed drawings that are used to control cost and quality. They ultimately ensure that the final build has the necessary Aesthetic qualities that were envisaged back in the Conceptual. Design phase

The preparation, submission and negotiation of a Building Regulations application.

Schedules to show matters such as doors, windows, finishes etc.

Bathroom, Kitchen drawings – detailed designed of areas such as bathrooms can be provided to ensure that fittings and finishes work properly together rand ugly junctions are avoided.

In pricing for these designs MKA is flexible in providing various levels of service. Some clients only want designs sufficient to make Building Regulation applications, some clients want a full working drawing package, and some want something in between. We will discuss your requirements with you.