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Designing with modern methods of construction in mind

Prefabricated, Volumetric, Kit house, Pod, Modular construction are all terms associated with what is essentially offsite or factory-made construction. Generally in the UK there is probably a stigma associated with “prefab” construction. It is often loosely connected to poorly performing post-war attempts so that it is not often considered a reliable form of construction. However […]

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Wellbeing and architecture

Mental health matters have become a real talking point and you might wonder how important architecture is in the role of your healthy mind, wellbeing and quality of life; well very important! Just think for a moment if the room you are reading this in had no windows, the ventilation was so poor you were […]

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Planning permission v permitted development

You own your house and you want to make some changes, but do you need planning permission or can you get started straight away under Permitted Development? The Definition Planning Permission is formal permission from your local authority to build or alter your home. Permitted Development (or a General Permitted Development Order- GPDO 20015) is […]

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Planning for good design in Kent

Kent County Council published the latest version of the Kent Design Guide in 2018 which was updated to give planners, designers and developers support and guidance in creating good quality well designed homes for the future. “Over the next 20 years, Kent will experience unprecedented growth that will bring over 100,000 new homes and many new jobs to […]

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