The construction phase of works can be done in a variety of ways depending on the type of works, the budget and many other factors. We can advise on which routes are available and can provide technical support in each scenario.

We can help with preparing contracts, chairing construction progress meetings, reporting, and of course, mitigating risk across your project.

Where construction works are undertaken using a formal contracting, and a Standard Form of Contract such as those available by the Joint Contractors Tribunal (JCT), then usually, a Contract Administrator (CA) is required.

We can act as your CA and manage all agreements between the appointed contractors, consultants and sub-contractors.

The CA’s role is to regularly visit the site, provide technical site support, issue instructions and valuations, chair formal progress meetings and certify Practical Completion, all as required by the terms of the construction contract.

Our responsibility as your CA would be to act as your eye and ears, to project manage the development, to execute planning, negotiations and manage contractors’ performance.


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